Bottom Eyelash Extensions: Here’s What You Should Know

Bottom eyelash extensions

It’s no longer news that eyelash extensions have become one of the beauty’s more sacred adornments; after all, the eye is the window to the soul – or so they say. One overlooked but increasingly popular beauty hack is the addition of bottom eyelash extensions.

Bottom Eyelash Extensions – Where do they come in?

Ever since the popularity of eyelash extensions skyrocketed (thanks to such celebrities as the Kardashians), there’s been an unending need for fitting the perfect eyelash extensions by beauty enthusiasts. These new cravings have led to different experiments one of which led to fitting bottom eyelash extensions as a kind of accompaniment to the main or top eyelashes.

As cool as the bottom eyelash extensions sound, they really are not an easy fix. Several beauticians and lash artists have noticed that the end results are usually almost the reverse of what their clients asked for and realize that there’s the need to undergo further training.

The bottom eyelash extensions are considered advanced eyelash extension training and not a lot of folks have learned to properly fix them and therefore need to undergo further training. The trains interested lash fixers on this Advanced Classic Lash Extension, so all you need is to sign up for tutoring in the Advanced Classic Lash Course available.

Still not sure how these bottom eyelash extensions are important? Here’s a tip:

  • They help the top eyelashes get a more complimentary look by balancing them out.

Benefits of bottom eyelash extensions:

  1. You can get the face to look slimmer with those bottom eyelashes
  2. You don’t need to apply mascara on those bottom lashes (a huge plus, as no more raccoon eyes thanks to water of sorts)
  3. The appearance of the eyes can be greatly influenced by adding a bottom eyelash
  4. Application time is lower than that of the upper eyelashes (takes between 15 to 30 minutes only)

Demerits of Bottom Lash Extensions

The bottom eyelash extensions don’t just have only positive sides. There are a couple of downsides of these lash extensions which lash artists should always inform clients about, prior to application. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Due to the shorter and thinner (length and breadth wise) of the natural bottom eyelashes, the durability and maintenance of these bottom eyelash extensions are short-lived.
  2. Also, since the lash extension added is typically fewer, clients would have just a few days or maximum of 2 weeks of wear.
  3. There’s also the “Venus flytrap effect” which sees both the top and bottom lash extensions occasionally interlock during blinking due to their rough edges. They do stop interlocking after a couple hours or a few days after finding their respective positions.

All the downsides aside, it’s also important to note that not all clients are ideal candidates for fixing bottom eyelash extensions on. Some clients may either have too few or too short lower lashes and by trying to get these bottom lash extensions on them could cause trouble. These are all the reasons why Advanced Lash Artists are your go-to lash fixers as they have been trained on how to quickly determine the ideal candidate for a bottom lash extension.

Remember that applying bottom eyelash extensions are ideally not very prominent due to their somewhat risky stance (most are usually applied while the eyes are open). If you are craving those sensual bottom lash extensions to compliment your top lashes, please visit a lash artist who has been trained in advanced lash fixing and remember to stay safe.



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