How to Care For Brazilian Straight Hair

Brazilian straight hair

We recently talked about Brazilian Hair which has become the latest trend and has seen an influx of new Brazilian straight hair wearing ladies, but can you blame them? The hairs are not very expensive and offer every woman the opportunity to look stunning and desirable with much less stress.

The Brazilian straight hair is also long lasting if well maintained. Let’s talk about caring for these hair bundle deals to ensure they last as long as possible.

For users of Brazilian hair who’d like to avoid shedding and tangling, you can follow the below recommendations to ensure that your Brazilian straight hair is kept in great shape.

How to avoid tangling a Brazilian straight hair

The following procedures should help you prevent your straight Brazilian hair from tangling:

  • Make use of mild shampoo and ensure you lather your hair from the upper region, and let it flow down, not doing the reverse.
  • Ensure you spray your Brazilian straight hair with a leave-in hair conditioner daily.
  • Do not sleep on tangled or wet hair.
  • Ensure you wash and condition your Brazilian hair at least once every week. You can condition twice a week (preferred). Make use of hydrating drops, or you can consult your stylist if you require help.

How to avoid shedding of your Brazilian hair

If you purchased Brazilian straight hair which has double layer wefts, you can either choose to use the hair as is or you can decide to cut the hair weft into smaller bits. That said, here’s how to avoid shedding of your Brazilian straight hair.

  • Wash the hair, and after this apply some hair oil to nurse the hair. This will make the hair silky and soft.
  • Using the wide-toothed comb, gently comb the hair to avoid shedding.
  • Remember that excess heat is bad for the hair, so if heat is used, please use a protectant.

How to properly maintain your Brazilian straight hair

  • Always wash your hair extensions – gently. Don’t brush or comb your hair extensions when wet as this would only cause hairs to be ripped out and ultimately reduce the lifespan of the extension.
  • Remember to keep your extensions moisturized. This is especially important for those who style extensions regularly.
  • Try to keep extensions tangle-free. You can do this by gently untangling of extensions (only when dry) with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Blot out excess water from the hair using a tower and let the hair to dry out naturally – however, do not spread out in the sun.
  • Let the hair extensions and weaves down every morning.

Taking care of your hair bundle deals is no big hurdle as there are several ways you can make your Brazilian straight hair last long by properly maintaining it. Keeping your hair healthy and you beautiful is not as difficult as they make it seem. We would be covering several more articles, especially how to bring back a worn-out Brazilian hair weave and how to properly care for your Brazilian hair extensions. If you have any questions regarding your Brazilian straight hair, please reach out to us via the comment.




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